Aaru major bug advisory

Aaru major bug advisory

Released: 2022.12.22


Invalid data for retried audio sectors leading to inaccurate images


During the QA stage for the next release, it was discovered that retry reads of audio sectors were not taking into account the drive offset.

Affected images

Images created with all Aaru versions before 5.3.2-lts or 6.0.0-alpha9, where audio sectors have been retried, are affected.

Non-affected images

  • Images with retries only in data sectors
  • Images with no retries at all


The content for retried audio sectors is invalid if the image was generated with the affected Aaru versions.

Affected versions

  • Aaru versions before 5.3.2-lts
  • Aaru versions before 6.0.0-alpha9

How to identify affected images

  • Image contains audio sectors
  • AND
  • Aaru log file contains: Correctly retried sector NNNN when NNNN is a sector inside a track designated as audio.


New images should be made with version 5.3.2-lts. Using alpha versions of version 6.0 is not recommended, except for testing purposes.

Images can be resumed with a manually made resume file where all retried sectors are manually marked as BadBlock on it. This will require some work but can significantly reduce the time required to generate a proper dump.