Lion gets updates, iWork, Apple Remote Desktop and iTunes

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Less than one day from Lion launch, Apple seeds new updates for iWork, Apple Remote Desktop and iTunes.

You can get them using Software Update or manually downloading from Apple Support.

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iWork 9.1

Long awaited by Lion users (ok, less than 48 hours of waiting, but LONG awaited) iWork now supports all the pretty good and beloved features of Lion.

Now we can simply sit in Pages Full Screen and forget all distractions while writing the last New York Times best-seller, having the confidence than in a catastrophic stop of electrical supply we will continue where we left Resuming in the same exact word.

And what if we saved just to say "oh oh! I deleted that important paragraph"! Lion to the rescue! We also get support for Versions, and in case we just forgot to save that new paragraph, Auto Save.

Of course all of this support is not just in Pages, but also in Numbers and Keynote.

I'm loving it! (and would love to have it on my iPad).

Little notice shown on this update improving compatibility with Microsoft Office documents and Keynote including two new builds.

More information on Apple Support.

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iTunes 10.4

Available also for Snow Leopard and Windows, iTunes gets Lionized.

Ok Versions and Resume and Auto Save are not so much of a sense in iTunes (and not implemented in 10.4), but Full Screen may be for some users.

This is not the only change, previous iTunes versions (including 10.3.1 that came with Lion) were 32 bit only, but this new 10.4 is a pure 64 bit Cocoa application. This means, that compression and decompression algorithms (converting your recently bought CD to AAC or playing your just bought movie) will benefit from huge performance improvements.

The bad thing is that any iTunes plugin you were using will not be compatible until the developer updates it.

Unfortunately for Windows users it's still 32 bit, but it's still compatible with PowerPC G4 and G5 (my PowerBook G4 is happy 😄), also 32 bit only.

More information on

Apple Remote Desktop 3.5

Not so impressive, it mostly receives some reliability workouts, even if 3.4 worked flawlessly on Lion.

One new feature nonetheless is that when connection to a Lion client you can use the current logged in session, or open a new one in background invisible to current user.

One step toward "Apple Terminal Server" ?

More information on Apple Support.

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