Third iOS 5 impressions, beta 3


If you come here without reading previous impressions, you should read this first and then this second reviews, as this one only counts on differences of beta 3 against beta 2.

Ios5beta3 4

The first new feature offered in beta 3 is that now, on Location preferences, you can set up which system services can get up your GPS location.

Cell Network Search allows to find the best GSM or CDMA repeater near you, and Setting Time Zone allows the system to set up the correct timezone where you are.

Location-Based iAds allow the iAd server to show appropriate advertising that can be useful depending on your location, like local restaurants.

Diagnostics & Usage is not so clear, but may simply mean anonymous statistics and debug reports on how the location is working.

However what does Traffic mean, is yet to be discovered. Maybe it will feature traffic information on maps, or on a new widget, application, etc.

Ios5beta3 3

AssistiveTouch, another feature first appearing on iOS 5 beta 3 allows for better accessibility for impaired users, with custom gestures and...

Ios5beta3 5

... a menu that allows you to easily choose a gesture to be done, simulate a device button press, so on.

Ios5beta3 2

Wireless synchronization becomes named "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync"

Ios5beta3 1

And Over-The-Air updates now show your current iOS version (but still do not show the beta updates :p).

There are also other minor features:

  • You can now disable not only data roaming, but also voice roaming.
  • Safari again gets the option to remove cookies
  • On Safari preferences there is an Advanced option to enable a debug console for developers and delete website data (as well as check how much they take)
  • On Usage panel you can now see exactly how much space an application takes (including user data).
  • Reminders application gets a new icon.
  • Mail allows to create folders.
  • The Music application now shows a message informing that movies, tv shows and music videos have been moved to the Videos application.

Ios5beta3 6

Oh and iTunes 10.5 beta 3 now installs flawlessly on Windows x64.

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