Rest in peace Steve Jobs

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Today, on October 5, 2001, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, one of the fathers of personal computers, and a model to so many people, has passed away.

If you're here, probably you know something about him, and if not, you can always check Wikipedia.

This is my dedication, to this man, that made so many things for me, even without knowing it, how his ideas, his brilliantness and his products, influenced my life.

Long ago when I were still a little girl, my father talked to me about the existence of a computer, one without DOS, one called the Macintosh.

The Macintosh is a computer, that Steve Jobs worked to design, guided the people to achieve, a computer that serves the people, not the reverse.

And it was beatiful, and simple to use, and it worked. It made a revolution, he made a revolution.

Years after he made the Macintosh, he departed Apple and founded NeXT, stablishing the basis for a new revolution.

One day, he returned, and showed the industry, the iMac, in my opinion, the most beautiful computer ever made. And then things started to be not only beatiful or useful, but both things at the same time.

I still own one, and I still love it.

Years later he presented Mac OS X, creating a revolution on the operating systems, using the bases created on NeXT. An operating system so useful, stable and beauty, it's almost perfect.

And not stopping here, he showed us the iPhone. Another smartphone, but one that made all the world, manufacturers and users in equal degree, to want one smartphone.

And then the iPad, a tablet, a world that noone ever conquered no matter how much they tried.

Today, for me, and surely a huge lot more of people, will always be the Steve Jobs' Day, because, what I am, Natalia Portillo, multi-platform desktop-and-mobile developer, administrator, blogger, tester and technician, I am who I am, thanks in part to him.

Thanks Steve Jobs, thanks for your geniality, thanks for your ideas, thanks for your products, and wherever you are now, my heart is with you, rest in peace and happiness.

Blessed Be, Natalia Portillo

UPDATE: Please send all of your condonlences to and see Official Apple Statement.

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