Windows 8 Milestone 3 (build 7989)

A new Windows 8 build. I'll only talk about things that changed from my previous post about Windows 8 Milestone 2 (build 7955), so read it first.

Win8m3 1

The first change is a new boot screen, showing a static bettafish and a circular loading symbol.

Win8m3 5

The next thing is a new, more cybernetic, wallpaper that prevents reading the Microsoft Confidential advice.

I'm not a lawyer but the inability to read a contract does not null it automatically ? Just lol.

Win8m3 4

There is a new virtual on-screen keyboard, differing in aspect from previous versions one, taking an aesthetic more similar to Windows Phone 7's. I personally prefer the transparencies of the previous one.

It also has less and bigger keys, more finger and less pen oriented.

Win8m3 2

One of the new virtual keyboard features is a numeric keypad. While it is not more similar to a keypad one (missing # and * keys), it's also missing keypad keys (/, *, - and +) as well as ordered like a phone. I may speculate as support for phoning on Windows 8?

Win8m3 3

Finally it includes one emoticons scheme. However it is not as pretty, or as complete, as Emoji.

There are also rumors about an application to send SMS, however I've been unable at all to find it.

Also, in forums it is said there is an option to have a "roaming profile" synchronized to Windows Live Cloud. I've been also unable to find it, however I'll clarify a couple of things.

In Windows' terminology a roaming profile is when absolutely all the contents of the user's home folder (including, documents, movies, photos, configuration files, registry entries) are copied between each computer the user logins in, and a server (usually an Active Directory server).

However the new roaming options, is not a "roaming profile", it just allows synchronizing some of the user settings, not all the registry entries, and not any of your files. This is like Apple's MobileMe did for years between Macintosh users.

And answering a question people made me on Twitter when I did the article about Milestone 2, this one includes Windows Media Center, but no changes are present yet.

It clearly seems that Microsoft is seriously mixing Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 in a single codebase, but the question is, will Windows 8 be optimized enough to run on smartphones and tablets?

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